BM-540 Bed Mill


The Model BM-540 CNC Bedmill

If you need to cut 400 parts alike or one complex 3D part that runs for hours the BM-540 with awesome travels (40" in X 20" in Y and 22" in Z) is ready for the challenge.

With the System M3X Control you will find yourself worrying about part design and not control limitations. You can run virtually unlimited program lengths, and storing thousands of programs right on the control isn't uncommon. With our Event Programming System (Also available as a standalone version.) The casual machine operator will be up and running right away. By using easy text driven machine events you can make a single cut or a complete part without G-Code experience.

Bed Mill Specifications BM-540

  • Table Size 10" X 54"
  • X AxisTravel 40"
  • Y Axis Travel 20"
  • Z Axis Travel 22"
  • Max. Distance 25.2" (Spindle to Table)
  • Min. Distance 2" (Spindle to Table)
  • Spindle Distance to Column Face 20.6"
  • Size of T- Slots 5/8" No of T-Slots 3
  • Saddle Width 42"
  • Spindle Motor 5 HP
  • Spindle Speeds 65-2,800 RPM
  • Number of Speeds Inf. Vari.
  • Spindle Taper NT#40
  • Head Swivel 90°
  • Quill Travel 5-1/2"
  • Quill Dia. 4"
  • Net Weight 6600 lbs.
  • Dim. ( W-L -H) 76" X 88.8" X 88.8"
  • Standard Equipment: Splash Guards, Automatic Machine Lube, Flood Coolant. Halogen work light.
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