M3X-3S-Twin CNC Kneemill


The Model M3X-3S-Twin CNC Kneemill Offers Twice the Production

Versatile design. Solid support.

The System M3X-3S Twin CNC Kneemill is designed to produce single or few tool-change parts in medium to large quantities for less than the cost of a single VMC. You can quote jobs on a single spindle, and then run them on 2, doubling your speed (and profit!). You can also make money on jobs that can’t be cost-justified on expensive VMCs.

System M3X controls are shipped completely installed and tested. You can be up and running the day your machine arrives. If you can run a manual machine, you will be cutting chips in less than 2 hours. If you can run a CNC mill, it will take less!

M3X-3S-Twin CNC Kneemill features:

  • Two inverter-controlled 2 HP spindles
  • Sixteen inches between spindles provide a 16" X 12" X 14" (X, Y, Z) work envelope per spindle.
  • Conversational Programming Software (CPS) makes short work of simple jobs
  • Knee drive for the Z axis provides 14" of programmable travel and leaves the quill free so you can adjust each spindle height separately.
  • True 3 axis simultaneous interpolation allows you to make parts with complicated 3-D surfaces. You can also peck drill hundreds of holes in a part without breaking a sweat (or missing any).
  • Reads standard G-code files which can be produced by CPS, generated from a CAM system, or provided by a customer. (From an existing FANUC compatible control)


  • Table Size: 9" X 49"
  • Long Travel: 32"
  • Cross Travel: 12"
  • Vert Travel: 14"
  • Distance Between Spindles (Nominal): 14"
  • Max. Distance: 18 3/4"
  • Spindle to Table Min. Distance: 2 3/4"
  • Spindle to Table Min. Distance: 5”
  • Spindle to Column No of T-Slots: 3
  • Size of T- Slots: 5/8"
  • Spindle Motor: 2) 2 HP, Inverter Controlled
  • Spindle Speeds: 65-5,400 RPM
  • Number of Speeds: Infinitely Variable
  • Spindle Taper: R-8
  • Head Swivel: 90°
  • Head Tilt: 45°
  • QuiIl Dia.: 3 -3/8"
  • Quill Travel: 5"
  • Net Weight: 2700 lbs.
  • Dimensions: ( W-L -H) 64” X 48” X 85”
  • Standard Equipment: Way Covers, Auto. Machine Lube, Auto. Spray Mist Coolant, Quick Change Tooling
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