M3X-3S CNC Kneemill


The Model M3X-3S CNC Kneemill - Complete System with Mill

You won't be a slave to the machine like those semi-cnc products that require constant operator intervention.

Advantages of the M3X-3S CNC Kneemill
  • This unit hits the ground running. (You can cut chips the day it arrives)
  • We drive the Knee! Find out why
  • Factory installation and inspection of complete system.
  • The Model M3X-3S Is in a price class of it's own.
  • Runs on 220 Volt Single Phase Household Current.
  • Short enough (82") to fit in the average garage.
  • Can be used for prototype OR production machining
  • Quiet operation
  • Conversational Programming Software (CPS) makes short work of simple jobs
  • Handles on all three Axes, DRO mode, and knee drive for the z axis mean you can run completely manual jobs with ease.
  • True 3 axis simultaneous interpolation allows you to make parts with complicated 3-D surfaces. You can also peck drill hundreds of holes in a part without breaking a sweat (or missing any).
  • Reads standard G-code files which can be produced by CPS, generated from a CAM system, or provided by a customer. (From an existing FANUC compatible control)
M3X-3S FULL 3-AXIS CNC milling machine. (Full 3-AXIS CONTOURING). Large 9"x 49" table. Travels: X=32”, Y=12”, Z=15”. 3 HP R-8 Spindle with FREQUENCY INVERTER for AUTOMATIC SPINDLE SPEED CONTROL (40-5600 RPM programmable by S-codes). (M3 S2735 = CW at 2735 RPM, etc.) 200 IPM rapids in X and Y. 100 IPM in Z. AUTO-LUBE included FREE. (Has adjustment knobs for frequency and duration of lube cycles.) Lubes Machine Ways and ballscrews automatically. Includes Hardware Limit and Home switches, as well as software limits. All axes auto home to encoder index pulse to .0001”. System resolution .00004” (40 millionths) with smallest programmable increment .0001”. 32 bit microprocessor, 128 Mb. RAM, 80 Gb. Hard Drive for incredible storage. WORK COORDINATE OFFSETS (G54-G59), Tool Height Offsets (G43/44 H1, etc.), Mirror Image, Scaling, etc., ALL INCLUDED at no additional cost. (see List of all G and M-Codes Supported). I/O Supported: 3.5” floppy drive, 2 RS232 Serial Ports, 1 Parallel Port. 1 USB Port for loading large megabyte files from Flash/Thumb Drives like Sandisk Cruzer micro, Memorex Traveldrive, etc. 15” LCD COLOR DISPLAY, Removable JOG PENDANT STATION for easy HANDWHEEL Pulse generator jogging, for touching off of tool heights and part zeros. X1=.0001" per click, X10=.001" per click, FRO=speed set by the Feedrate Override Control for continuous jogging. During Automatic Run the 16 Position FRO control overrides the programmed Feedrate from 0% (Dead Stop) to 150% in 10% steps. Helical and Spline interpolation, see complete control specs. Includes Conversational Programming, Industry Standard Fanuc/Yasnac Compatible G-CODE programming (RS274D) MillWrite TEXT ENGRAVING Software Included in all systems at no additional charge. Automatic spindle reversing for HI-LO range. Power Requirements: 208 to 230 VAC single or 3-phase. Runs on 220VAC Single Phase residential power without any phase converters. Large character DIGITAL READOUT MODE for manual operations. Easy Presetting to zero or any other numbers for manual DRO and then switch back to Auto Run at any time. Z-Axis Drive is on the knee (With Precision Ground Ballscrew in the Pedestal) so you get full 15” of Automatic Z-axis travel. Accomodates long tooling like drill chucks, centering microscopes, tapping heads, etc., and plenty of travel to get up and over rotary tables, fixtures, etc. Quill is free for quick-change tooling systems and manual quill operations. 26.6 in/lb. PM DC SERVO MOTORS. (Systems also available with Z-Axis on the quill if you prefer it that way) (4-Axis systems, Twin Spindles also available.) True closed loop operation. Unlike many systems, there is no need to re-home after E-Stops, or jumping back and forth from Manual DRO to fully automatic, because the control always knows where the axes are at all times.


  • Table Size: 9" X 49"
  • Long Travel: 32"
  • Cross Travel: 12"
  • Vert Knee Travel: 14"
  • Spindle to Table Max. Distance: 18-3/4"
  • Spindle to Table Min. Distance: 2 3/4"
  • Spindle to Column Max. Distance: 17"
  • Spindle to Column Min. Distance: 5"
  • Size of T- Slots: 5/8"
  • No of T-Slots: 3
  • Max Weight: 550lbs.
  • Spindle Motor: 3HP (Standard)
  • Spindle Speeds: 65-5,600 RPM
  • Number of Speeds: Inf. Vari.
  • Spindle Taper : R-8
  • Head Swivel: 90°
  • Head Tilt: 45°
  • Net Weight: 2200 lbs.
  • Dimensions: ( W-L ) 54" x 48"
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